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US Screen Co. is proud to offer replacement Sieve Screens for dewatering processes for various industries.

Our Sieve Bend Screens also known as Sidehill screens come in two varieties:
• DSM (Curved)
• Flat Screen

These screens are mainly used for liquid / solid separation and manufactured to suit a wide range of industries such as:
• Sugar Processing
• Pulp & Paper
• Coal Mining & Quarrying
• Mineral Processing
• Cement
• Industrial & Urban Effluent Treatment

Sieve Bend Screens are the solution to many dewatering, sizing, and wastewater cleanup problems. Our Sieve screens are made from deep-arch looped wedge wire which is a concave curved wire perpendicular to the flow. This shape enhances the Coanda Effect thereby producing a more effective dewatering. 

Offered in looped wire, both straight and deep arch design, as well as resistance welded wedge wire in both 304 and 316 stainless steel.

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Sugar Industry
Brewing Systems
Fish Diversion
Food Processing
Mining and Minerals
Pulp and Paper
Scrap Recycling
Waste Water
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