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HydraTower Diagram, US Screen Co.

US Screen Co. has become an innovator in the manufacturing and repair of single screen and tandem screen Hydratowers.

The Hydratower is a static screen device specifically designed for liquid / solids separation.

The single most important new development in static screening is the utilization of tandem screening and angle adjustment. Adjusting the screen angle changes the angle of particle impingement on the wedge wire and changes the particle velocity across the screen openings. Because we can change the angle of the particle impingement and particle velocity across the screen openings, we can accommodate variation in particle size, density and character, thereby optimizing fluid solid separation. Further, having different size openings on the top and bottom screens allows higher flows with better capture and drier material.

In order to provide minute angle adjustment, the screens are mounted in cradle assemblies suspended in the Hydratower enclosure. This provides separate angle adjustment for both top and bottom screens. One degree of adjustment can dramatically affect the efficiency of removal and total screen performance.

Although the Hydratower looks simple, the design and fabrication is not. The Hydratower is an integrated design concept that requires specific hydraulic considerations. The expansive headbox design is most important for velocity control and particle stratification. The smooth introduction of flow across the weir plate and the minute screen angle adjustment is critical to performance.

The Hydratower enclosure is fabricated entirely of stainless steel. The attachment of the side plate to the back plate is corner-to-corner weld construction. The headbox and floor plate are watertight, seam welded butt joints. The entire fabrication process is inspected on a daily basis to assure the highest quality product.


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