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Dan Dickason

Our Legacy

U.S. Screen Company (USSCO) is a family owned and operated business based in Sullivan, Ohio. Beginning in December 2000, company founder, Dan Dickason, dedicated himself to offering high quality “made in America” products accompanied by superior services.

Dan Dickason — Founder

Dan started in the screen manufacturing business almost 50 years ago sweeping floors for the Wedge Wire Corporation in Wellington, Ohio. After graduating high school in 1962 he worked full time in the shop until he was drafted into the U.S. Army. After serving his country as a communications specialist in Germany for three years, Dan came home to work for Wedge Wire and began moving up the company ladder in sales. As his territory grew, Dan moved his family to Illinois, then Missouri. After years on the road making many loyal friends and customers, Dan was offered the job of sales manager.

He moved back to Wellington and was involved in sales and manufacturing of the Wedge Wire product line until April 2000. At that time, Wedge Wire was acquired by a competitor who eventually closed the shop. Dan was sent packing after almost 40 years with the company. Having spent his entire working life in the screen business, he started U.S. Screen Company later that same year.

After Dan's unexpected passing in December 2007, the future of U.S. Screen was unclear. However, this was not to be the end for the small company. Over the years Dan's reliability, honesty, affable personality and dedication to quality products had won over many people in the screen industry. These loyal friends and customers kept calling and rightfully expected the same quality products and service provided by Dan and his company. In January 2008, Dan's sons, Mike and Matt, took over daily operations of U.S. Screen Company. With the addition in August of 2009 of Dan's nephew, Doug, the next generation of Dickasons now guide the business with the same core principles instilled in them by their patriarch and strive to exceed the standard expected by U.S. Screen's customers.

Mike Dickason — Director of Sales

Mike has led the overall operation of U.S. Screen Company since 2008. As the oldest son of U.S. Screen Company's founder, Dan Dickason, Mike has strived to instill the values and commitment that was set forth by the family's patriarch. With over 40 years in the Screen Industry, Dan's vision for U.S. Screen was providing cost effective solutions, with superior quality and exemplary customer service. Today, these values are integral to the way that Mike manages U.S. Screen Company. With over 25 years of experience in logistics and operations management, Mike lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife and their 5 children. Mike finds pride in managing a company that is committed to providing quality and value to it's customers.

Matt Dickason — CFO

In addition to managing the operations of U.S. Screen Company, Matt is the Chief Financial Offer of  U.S. Screen Company since he and Mike took over the family business in 2008. Upon graduating Ohio University in '98, Matt moved to Atlanta, GA, where he obtained his law degree from Mercer University. More than just the company's "bean counter", Matt has been focused in finding ways to grow U.S. Screen's footprint across the country. Seeing the value and cost savings that U.S. Screen brings to the industries that drive our economy, Matt is focused on bringing the principle of "Value" that his father and company founder, Dan, was committed to providing to the U.S. Screen customer.  Matt currently lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife and two daughters. Matt also runs his own real estate legal practice, Dickason Law Group, which continues to grow throughout the state of Georgia. 

Doug Dickason — Operations Manager

Doug, is the nephew of company founder Dan Dickason and considers himself the best looking of the three “second generation” Dickason’s. Prior to joining the company in August 2009 Doug spent 15 years performing various pricing and contract administration duties for a major industrial maintenance parts distributor. Following his stint as a corporate minion, he and his wife Kathy jumped at the chance to be small business owners of a national pack & ship franchise. The experience gained from small business ownership – problem solving, operational efficiencies, customer relations – made the transition to the family screen business easy. Doug believes in giving personal attention to each and every customer. Personal accountability and strength through team work describe his management philosophy. In his spare time (by skipping work) Doug coaches youth football and baseball. Doug has been married to his wife Kathy for 23 years and has two children who give him more grey hair by the day.

Al Tejada — Marketing Director/ Regional Sales

As the newest member of U.S. Screen's team, Al has become an honorary Dickason. A long time friend of Matt, Al brings 15 years of Sales and Marketing experience to the U.S. Screen team. While working for several major media companies over the course of his career, he's mastered the art of connecting businesses to consumers and is excited to apply this to U.S. Screen as we grow throughout the United States. Al currently lives in Atlanta, GA, where he's constantly trying to find new and innovative ways to spread U.S. Screen's value proposition to the industries we serve. With a wife, two daughters, and five rescued dogs, Al finds sanity in running marathons and endurance events.


Brewing Systems
Fish Diversion
Food Processing
Mining and Minerals
Pulp and Paper
Sugar Industry
Scrap Recycling
Waste Water
Other Industries


Wire Types / Sizes
Chip Wringer
Sieve (DSM)
Sieve (Flat)
Screw Press  


U.S. Screen Company combines over 85 years experience in the manufacture and distribution of wedge wire screens and related products for process industries.


U.S. Screen Company 
P.O. Box 27
Wellington, Ohio 44090 

Telephone: 1-855-964-2662 ( Toll Free) / 419-736-2400 (Local)
Fax: 877-329-5614 



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